Insurance Claim Quantification

The value that Insignia brings to the insurance claim process is a combination of three key attributes:

  • In-depth knowledge of policy wordings, insurance legislation and precedent-setting decisions
  • Experience with a wide variety of industries
  • Prompt, personalized service

We understand insurers’ need for both fast and accurate opinions and the anxiety faced by claimants for a prompt and equitable resolution of their claim. That is why we make initial contact immediately and identify the relevant information we require, as well as any issues that may exist.

Once we receive sufficient information, we promptly perform our analysis and prepare our report. If, in the meantime, a preliminary assessment of the claim is required, we will attempt to do so based on the information provided, within 24 to 48 hours.

Our expertise includes:

  • Analysis and quantification of all types of claims, including statutory accident benefits, business interruption and extra expense, stock losses, downtime, product liability, employee dishonesty, and assessment of financial condition in arson-for-profit investigations
  • Critiques of opposing accountants’ reports
  • Assistance in settlement discussions, mediation, arbitration and trial, including expert witness testimony
  • Appraisal services
  • Sharing our knowledge and experience through educational seminars for claims professionals
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